Security & Sustainability Forum

About Security & Sustainability Forum

The Security and Sustainability Forum (SSF) is a public interest organization that convenes global experts online to address threats to society from disruptions to natural and human systems, including climate change.

Our main products are free educational webinars on energy, food and water security, public health, mobility, resilience, economic vitality, infrastructure, governance, and other social impacts that must be addressed in meeting climate security challenges.  Faculty from around the globe use SSF webinars and the archived recordings for curriculum enrichment.  We also conduct audio interviews and are developing Master Classes, which are two to three hour courses for professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of important sustainability topics.

SSF is a place for industry, government, researchers, educators and the public to get the latest thinking about decarbonizing the economy, adapting to climate change and meeting the challenges of a changing planet.  Webinar attendance and access to the SSF archive is free.  The cost of webinar production is underwritten by sponsors including Arizona State University, Island Press, Antioch University New England, Summit Foundation, The Cadmus Group and other companies and government agencies.  Check out the benefits of becoming an SSF sponsor on the Sponsors page.

Our Leaders

Edward Saltzberg pro main

Edward R. Saltzberg, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Edward R. Saltzberg, Ph.D., is a cofounder and Executive Director of SSF.  He is President of ERS Advisors, a professional services firm that provides business acquisition and educational services to government contractors and environmental organizations.  Ed is also the Director of Professional Education in the Environmental and Energy Management Institute at George Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.  Previously, he was a corporate officer at Battelle Memorial Institute and Science Applications International Corporation and a partner in two environmental consulting firms sold to public companies.  Connect with Ed on LinkedIn.

Alex Beehler

Alex Beehler

Alex Beehler is emeritus cofounder of SSF and is currently the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment.  He is also a former Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Environment, Safety & Occupational Health) and former Acting Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations & Environment) at United States Department of Defense.

Marianne Horinko

Marianne Horinko

Marianne Horinko is President of The Horinko Group, former Acting EPA Administrator, and former Assistant Administrator for the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Our audio interviews and webinar video libraries are available free of cost.