On the Road to Mass Market Electric Vehicles

https://eemi.seas.gwu.edu/electric-vehicles-professional SSF is partnering with George Washington University to bring energy and environmental professional development courses online. This is the second time we have produced the electric vehicle course.

Course Summary Students ...

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The AI Revolution Will Rival the Industrial One, and It Has Begun

A new age in the human experience on Earth is underway. It is an age of change as profound — and possibly more so — than the Industrial Revolution, when the steam engine introduced the concept of post-animal labor, known as shaft horsepower.
Artificial intelligence in this new age is infiltrating all areas of human endeavor.

Industrial Evolution in America Building a Future-Ready Workforce

As America embarks on a significant reindustrialization journey driven by federal initiatives like the CHIPS Act, Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), the need for a capable workforce has never been greater. Despite creating 4.5 million jobs in 2022, the nation faces a critical labor shortfall with 9.5 million job openings and only 6.5 million unemployed workers available. This leaves a gap of nearly 3 million positions.

July 18, 2024 - 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm EDT

Accelerating Sustainable Finance: Ceres' Insights to Managing Climate Risks in Banking and Insurance

June 20, 2024 -- 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm EDT

Join us for this vital conversation with Steven Rothstein, Managing Director of the Ceres Accelerator, and the Security and Sustainability Forum's Edward Saltzberg to learn how Ceres is helping the financial sector navigate climate risks, accelerate sustainable finance, and safeguard the future.

Tech Giants Want In on Electricity, Google Has a Foothold


During the desperate days of the energy crisis in the 1970s, it looked as though the shortage was permanent and we would have to change the way we lived, worked and played to accommodate it.

In the end, it was technology that solved the crisis.


The Next Climate Frontier – Industrial Decarbonization

Tackling industrial greenhouse gas emissions is emerging as the next frontier in the crucial transition to a clean energy economy.

While significant strides have been made in finding cost-effective alternatives to fossil fuel use in power generation, transportation, agriculture, and building sectors, decarbonizing industrial processes poses a much greater challenge - high process heat requirements.

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