Growing Urban Infrastructure with a Shrinking Footprint

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Originally aired October 11, 2012, Co-produced by Abt AssociatesHighlighting infrastructure challenges due to current emissions-intensive and inequitable systems and the added pressure of a growing population, the session explores a range of academic thought and development practices.  Experts offer a broad picture of infrastructure issues applicable to both ends of the development spectrum.

  • Dr. Rodolfo Camacho, Abt Associates’ Vice President, International Economic Growth Division, leader of the Climate-Smart Development practice and business development unit, moderates the session.
  • Dr. Eugenie Birch, Co-Director of the Penn Institute for Urban Research and Chair of Urban Research and Education at UPenn, discusses energy infrastructure and trends in sustainable urban planning.
  • Dr. Gerald Stedge, Principal Associate at Abt Associates, leads the Natural Resource practice, manages and conducts economic analyses to inform natural resource and environmental policies. He uses his expertise on water resource issues, specifically the provision of safe drinking water to speak about natural disasters and urban adaptation planning.
  • Georges Darido, World Bank Transportation Specialist, discusses transportation policy objectives for reducing carbon foot prints and increasing resilience to climate impacts, challenges faced, and examples of success.
  • Joe Lombardo, Director of ICMA’s Global CityLinks Program, leads the USAID funded city-to-city partnership program designed to help cities in developing countries confront the challenges of rapid urbanization.  He discusses resilience planning and the challenge of providing for needs from influxes of climate refugees.

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