How Chief Sustainability Officers Can Improve the Capacity and Capability to Meet Net Zero Goals

March 8, 20211:15 to 2:15 PM EDT

Beyond purchasing 100% renewable energy and making energy-saving capital investments, what actions (batteries, smart systems, carbon offsets) does your organization or community do to go for “net-zero carbon?” How do you create a framework to manage the risk and reward of being an early adopter of new tech?

Learn what risks are relevant in making good carbon reduction/offset decisions and how your actions can engage stakeholders inside and outside your organization. What frameworks can you use to manage key policy and implementation risks? Hear from sustainability managers from Xylem Inc, a global water company about their journey to decarbonize their supply chain and the efforts of the Responsible Business Alliance.

Meet the Panel

Austin Alexander, Vice President, Sustainability and Social Impact at Xylem Inc

Alberto Bozzi, Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer at Xylem Inc

Deborah Albers, Vice President, Responsible Business Alliance

Moderator: Ryan Klenner LightWorks, Arizona State University