Megatrends – The Food, Water, Energy Nexus

Aired on 7/30/2015

In its 2013 report “Global Trends 2030”, the US National Intelligence Council described the interconnected risks in water, energy and food supply security as a “megatrend” that will gain global momentum.

Megatrends – The Food, Water, Energy Nexus from Security & Sustainability Forum on Vimeo.

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Dr. Alan Hecht is Director for Sustainable Development in the Office of Research and Development at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since 2003 he has led ORD’s planning on sustainability research. At EPA he has served as the Deputy Assistant Administrator and Acting Assistant Administrator for International Activities, and as senior advisor to the Administrator for the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992.

Dr. Steven Cohen is the Executive Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Director of the Master of Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Director of the Masters of Science in Sustainability Management at Columbia University’s School of Continuing Education, and the Director of the Research Program on Sustainability Policy and Management.

Robert Engelman is a Senior Fellow and former president of the Worldwatch Institute.  A former newspaper reporter specializing in science and the environment, Mr. Engelman has served on the faculty of Yale University as a visiting lecturer and was founding secretary of the Society of Environmental Journalists. He is the author of the 2008 book More: Population, Nature, and What Women Want, published by Island Press, and his writing has appeared in scholarly and news media including Nature, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Peter Saundry is the Executive Director of the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE), a non-partisan organization of scientists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and policy makers working to improve the scientific basis of environmental decision-making. Peter is an experienced leader in building coalitions of individuals and organizations to promote environmental science and its utility in addressing societal concerns.

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