Steering Societies Beyond GDP to the SDGs with Hazel Henderson and Claudine Schneider

Thu, Oct 22, 2020 1:15 PM – 2:15 PM EDT

This webinar in the SSF series with ecological economist and futurist Hazel Henderson addresses how the UN SDGs can and should replace GDP as the basis for valuing society leading to an economy based on planet protection and human wellbeing. GDP accounts for all the public expenditures as “debt” while ignoring the value of the assets they created. If GDP were to be corrected by including the missing asset account, these debt-to-GDP ratios would be cut by up to 50% — with a few keystrokes! Learn why money isn’t what you think it is and why that matters to life on Earth with Hazel and guests. Claudine Schneider is the October 22nd guest. She is a former Republican U.S. representative from Rhode Island. She was the first, and to date only, woman elected to Congress from Rhode Island. She is the founder of Republicans for Integrity, which describes itself as a network of “Republican former Members of Congress who feel compelled to remind Republican voters about the fundamentals of our party and to provide the facts about incumbents’ voting records.”

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