The Economic Development Power of Clean Energy – Arizona Example

Wed, Jun 9, 2021 1:15 PM – 2:45 PM EDT

The shift to renewable sources of power has been accelerating for several years and could be further boosted with supportive state policies that respond to stakeholder demands for clean energy solutions. Unambiguous state clean energy goals and requirements that support a pro-clean air, pro-growth economy can create a competitive state advantage to attract new business and business investment in communities. Companies responding to the need to decarbonize factor into their choice of energy suppliers and decisions in the management of their operations and the location of their facilities.

Topics include

• How leadership from major companies are/can drive the local transition to a clean, vital economy

• How economic development officials use corporate ESG commitments to further municipal economic vitality (clean energy as an economic development tool)

• How the economic development community has/can influence state clean energy policy.

In this webinar LightWorks at Arizona State University and SSF convene economic development, utility managers, and municipal leaders who highly prize their sustainability commitments to discuss how supportive renewable policy in Arizona can be a driver of local economic vitality.



Mayor Kate Gallego, Mayor, Phoenix, AZ

Mayor Kate Gallego is the second elected female Mayor in Phoenix history and the youngest big-city Mayor in the United States. Before being elected to the Phoenix City Council, Mayor Gallego worked on Economic Development for the Salt River Project.  Mayor Gallego has focused on diversifying the economy, strengthening infrastructure investment, and making Phoenix a sustainability leader.
Chris Camacho – President & CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council
is one of the longest-standing public-private partnerships for economic development across the country. During Chris’ tenure, GPEC has attracted more than 414 companies creating 74,000+ jobs and $11 billion in capital investment including Apple, Deloitte, Infosys, Creighton Medical School, Silicon Valley Bank, Zenefits, GoDaddy, Yelp, Amazon, Garmin, General Motors and many others.
Kelly Barr – Chief Strategy, Corporate Services & Sustainability Executive Salt River Project
As Associate General Manager, Chief Strategy, Corporate Services, and Sustainability Executive at Salt River Project (SRP), Kelly Barr is responsible for and oversees SRP’s Corporate Strategy; Resource Planning; Research and Development; Economic Development; Environmental Services & Sustainability; Supply Chain; Transportation; Logistics, Analytics and Information groups.
William Brandt, Director of Strategic Integration for ASU LightWorksModerator
Bill Brandt connects ASU’s LightWorks research with partners to support the discovering and inventing of energy solutions to the world’s fuel, electric and social challenges. He has a background in governance and delegations, mergers and acquisitions and renewable energy.