The Port of Antwerp-Bruges

America’s Gateway to Europe

Thursday, September 21, 2023 — 1:15 PM to 2:15 PM EDT

The Environmental and Energy Management Institute at George Washington University, The Atlantic Council of the United States, and the Security and Sustainability Forum invite you to join a conversation with Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO of the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, since 2016.

Antwerp is the second-largest port in Europe and the largest chemical cluster in the European Union. Mr. Vandermeiren has a long career in the energy sector in Belgium and is a pioneer and proponent of sustainability and energy transition.

 Amb. Andras Simonyi (PhD), and SSF’s Ed Saltzberg will be discussing with Mr. Vandermeiren the increasingly important and lasting relationship between the United States and Belgium, the United States, and Europe, the role of the Port of Antwerp in enhancing the cooperation between the European Union and North America. The conversation will focus on the ambitions of the port in energy security for the European continent and its role as a catalyst for the green transition and sustainability in Belgium and beyond. They will discuss transatlantic efforts and cooperation in support of energy security and the green transition.