Unlocking the Potential of Digital Climate Entrepreneurship

April 20, 2023 – 1:15 to 2:45 PM EDT

Digital tools are being used now to optimize the performance of renewable energy and integration into the power system. Data analytics, machine learning, and advanced sensors optimize agriculture, the routing, and scheduling of vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and monitor and reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

Investment in climate tech innovations increased to $70 billion in 2021, an 89% increase. However, most funding goes to physical solutions. Are there policy, investment, and technical barriers that can be overcome to unlock funding to advance digital climate entrepreneurship and create new digital ecosystems to speed the transition to a clean, just, zero-emissions economy?

Join LightWorks at Arizona State University and the Security and Sustainability Forum in a 90-minute exploration of how the digital climate tech landscape is evolving and how institutions like ASU are bringing leading-edge policy, technology, and social science research to the digital climate tech field to accelerate the transition.

Meet the Panel
Moderator: Eusebio Scornavacca Digital Innovation Expert at Arizona State University
Eusebio’s research interests include disruptive digital innovation, high-impact innovation, innovation policy, digital entrepreneurship, ICT for development, and digital ecosystems.

Kim Stroh Co-founder, Chief Digital & Information Officer Persefoni
Kim has significant startup experience, including as a key product leader at one of the records management sector’s first SaaS vendors
Nate WyneCofounder and CEO of Floodlight
Nate is an entrepreneur with banking experience bringing geospatial data intelligence to climate challenges.

Sunny Sanwar Founder and CEO of Dynamhex
Sunny is an engineer, entrepreneur, and social scientist, unraveling the drivers and outcomes of innovation in energy markets.
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