Urbanization and Growth on a Finite Planet

Originally aired June 26, 2012, Co-produced by Abt Associates

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The introduction in SSF’s Urbanization in a Growing World series highlights the challenges and opportunities presented by rapid urbanization, relating to the subjects of our subsequent sessions:

  1. Food Security
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Economic Development
  4. Governance

Moderator Jay Knott, Abt Associates‘ Executive Vice President for Global Business, and a former AID Mission Director, hosts a panel of international experts introducing their work in urbanization and addressing overarching research questions on the effects of climate change that are of particular concern to cities:

  • Judy Baker is a Lead Economist in the Urban Practice at the World Bank Institute, a program which equips city leaders, municipal staff, and other practitioners with innovative strategies and tools to maximize the potential benefits of urbanization, highlights disaster risk, vulnerability, and resilience planning.  She presents on urban vulnerability and resilience planning.
  • Susan Wachter and Eugenie Birch are Co-Directors of the Penn Institute for Urban Research, which is increasing the understanding of cities through cross-disciplinary research, instruction, and civic engagement; discuss trends in urbanization, sustainability and urban design.
  • Blair Ruble, Program Director for Comparative Urban Studies at the Woodrow Wilson Center, a nonpartisan global public policy institution supporting policy-relevant research and civil dialogue, discusses challenges and opportunities concerning urban governance and diversity.
  • Susan Hill, CEO of the International Housing Coalition (IHC), a non-profit advocate of housing for all, pursued through applied research and policy advice, outlines issues surrounding urban poor, foreign aid, and climate impacts.
  • Carlos Martin, Senior Associate for Sustainable Communities with Abt Associates, a global leader social and environmental policy, and international development research and program implementation, provides an overview of urban economics and infrastructure.

to see the webinar – https://www.screencast.com/t/hwOzZhgn1AS

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