Zpryme’s City of the Future

Zpryme’s City of the Future event is headed to Washington DC! The last few years have fundamentally changed the ways that people think about life, community, and prosperity. In order to determine how cities can modernize to foster these attributes, we’re bringing some of the most prominent voices in cities, utilities, business, and activism to the nation’s capital for 3 days of discussions. Join us January 24-26, 2023 to collaborate with leaders from across the continent to participate in the conversation shaping the cities of the future.

Venue: Jack Morton auditorium at George Washington University

Theme: Creating Limitless Cities

Data security and privacy

  • Unleashing the power of data for building smarter cities
  • Data privacy & Data Sharing
  • Enhancing National Security through Smart City Development

Next Generation Infrastructure

  • Natural Disaster Response & Effective Resilience
  • Navigating Bureaucracy: Improving processes to accelerate decarbonization efforts
  • Smart Infrastructure Sustainability
  • Climate Action Planning
  • Resilient Cities, Utilities, and Citizens


  • Decarbonizing Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Transportation & Equity: Increasing Accessibility
  • Electric Vehicles and Micro-Mobility

Removing Barriers to Access

  • Addressing access to clean water and power challenges
  • Smart healthcare accessibility
  • Equity & Digital Divide

Unlocking Capability and Creativity

  • People-centric, Tech Enabled
  • Startups & Civic Innovation
  • Harness the power of community: Serving the community by collaborating with the community
  • Impact of Emerging Technologies for local governments
  • Virtual Power Plants

Workforce of the Future

  • Digital Overhead and Cultivating Talent
  • Serving Underserved Community through Partnerships
  • Workforce Transformation

Public Spaces that Empower

  • How migration will shape cities of the future
  • Inclusive design
  • Urban Analytics: Community assessments and how critical they are for equity and urban development
  • Sustainable Public Spaces for all
  • Rural land conservation and the effects on cities
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