Implications of the National Climate Assessment

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Originally aired March 14, 2013, Co-produced by Second Nature

The National Climate Assessment is the federal government’s climate status report, assembled from the collaborative effort of hundreds of academic, government, non-profit, and private sector experts.  Looking at the implications of the NCA, a panel of Lead Convening Authors presents about regional reports, energy, and adaptation:

  • David Hales, President of Second Nature, part of the National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee (NCADAC), established to oversee the development of the report, introduced the NCA and moderates.
  • Lynne Carter, Ph.D., Associate Director, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program and Coastal Sustainability Studio, Louisiana State University, presents current and projected challenges in the Southeast and Caribbean and planning for Adaptation.
  • Mark Shafer, Ph. D., Director of Climate Services with the Oklahoma Climatological Survey and co-Director of the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program, discusses management for change across the Great Plains.   
  • Sue Tierney, Managing Principal at Analysis Group, an expert on energy economics, regulation and policy, talks about Energy Supply and Use.

The panel addresses audience questions including how to get involved and stay updated in the NCA process and what the report can contribute to rebuilding in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Sandy.