Intersection of the Microgrid, Renewable Energy, and Storage

Download the webinar’s pdf slides –   Intersection of the Microgrid, Renewable Energy, and Storage

Aired on 8/7/2014 – Todd Foley from the American Council on Renewable Energy moderated the August 7th webinar on Micro Grids, which is the 5th webinar in SSF’s Renewable Energy on Institutional Property Series.  Here is a general description of the panel topics and backgrounds.

  • Introduction to the Role of Microgrids on Institutional Property:  Todd Foley, ACORE’s Senior Vice President, Policy & Government Relations, leads strategic integration of policy development, research, external communications and interaction with Federal and state government and regulatory officials.
  • Investor Considerations and Successful Examples:  Michael Huerta is the Managing Partner of GridCo Storage Capital, LLC, an investment manager focused on the acquisition and optimization of energy storage infrastructure. He also currently serves as Executive Director of Aerea Resources, an owner-operator of behind-the-meter energy assets.
  • Approach to Development of Successful Microgrid Projects:  David Hague, Senior Director of Marketing at Gehrlicher Solar help put the webinar together and will be a panelist in the session. David brings years of business and engineering experience in renewable energy, smart grid, and cleantech.
  • Innovations in Energy Storage and Micro Grid Systems:   Ryan Wartina, Chief Strategy Officer, Growing Energy Labs, Inc. (Geli). Geli develops software to integrate, network, and economically operate energy storage systems.