Potential for Conflicts in the Arctic

Aired on Oct. 8, 2013 1:15 PM to 2:25 PM ET

On October 8, the Security & Sustainability Forum kicked off a series of five, 60-minute webinars on international environmental security, co-produced by the National Council on Science and the Environment and led by experts from the Stimson Center and the Elliot School of International Affairs.

Each webinar panel will examine a hypothetical scenario that could be a game-changer for national security, international business interests, political science theory, and our global environment.

The first panel examined the potential security and ecological ramification of increased Arctic transit. A new webinar we will air on the first Tuesday of each of the following four months, addressing issues such as water shortages in critical areas, new environmentally-vectored pandemics, food sovereignty vs. agro-imperialism, and the coulds and shoulds of geoengineering.

The panel used the hypothetical scenario to examine the issues.  Panelists included:

  • Robert Huebert, an associate professor in the Department of Political Science and the Associate Director of the Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary
  • Capt. Charles Cashin, US Coast Guard, who is the current USCG fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Harlan Doliner, an expert in maritime law with the firm of Verrill Dana and professor at Boston College Law School
  • Elizabeth Chalecki, Research Fellow with the Stimson Center,  moderated the session.

Registration for the remaining events in the series will open shortly

November 5: Panel on water security
Scenario: Yemen runs out of water

December 3: Panel on public health
Scenario: A new mosquito-borne disease out of Asia/Africa

January 7: Panel on food security
Scenario: A Middle East nation leases agricultural land in Ethiopia

February 4: Panel on geo-engineering
Scenario: India decides to deploy aerosols to combat warming

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