Russia’s War, the World’s Food: The Successes and Challenges of Ukrainian Agricultural Producers Midst the War

Fri, Sep 2, 2022 2:30 PM – 5:15 PM EDT

We are pleased to announce a symposium (streamed to a remote audience) at George Washington University featuring sixteen members of the Ukrainian agricultural community who will discuss the impacts of the Russian invasion on their efforts to continue to feed the world in the midst of full-scale war. The group’s visit to the US is organized by BRIDGES, a Kyiv-based consulting group that serves as an advisory center for business and government. This event will provide an opportunity for face-to-face discussions with members of the agricultural community who continue to work in Ukraine and fight on the economic front. The Ukrainian delegates will include 16 representatives from the full range of the Ukrainian agricultural community, including owners and managers of agricultural operations, agricultural engineering companies, machinery dealers, and agricultural advisory center BRIDGES. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear directly from the Ukrainian farming community about the status of agricultural production, what is needed to sustain production, and what will be required after winning the war. Hosted by GWU’s Environmental and Energy Management Institute and Bridges.