Bottomland Ecosystems Restoration

Originally aired September 16, 2010

Download the Bottomland Ecosystems slide deck.

Through aquatic ecosystem case studies exemplifying both successes and failures encountered when applying ecosystem restoration techniques to real world management scenarios in large river bottomland ecosystems, the session covers principles and practices directly applicable to adaptive management of natural systems.

Moderator Patrick McGinnis, Water Resources Team Leader with The HorinkoGroup, discusses Bottomland Ecosystem Restoration with a panel of experts:

  • Charles Deutsch, Supervisory Wildlife Biologist, Rivers Project, US Army Corps of Engineers;
  • Dr. Lyle Guyon, Terrestrial Ecologist, National Great Rivers Research and Education Center;and
  • Dr. Mickey Heitmeyer, Wildlife Ecologist, Greenbrier Wetland Services to link scientific expertise to specific restoration issues in an effort to direct participants toward practical management solutions.

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